First Spring Look


From winter to summer to winter to spring.

For me there is nothing better than fleeing to a country where it's summer when germany is cold af! I don't need winter at all. 


Happy to missed the onset of winter with -15 degrees. But it was cold anyways when I came back home. And I'm sad to be sad to be back home. Always have wanderlust. I really miss Bali. I miss wearing sandals and the fact to need no jacket. 


But whatever. It's getting warmer in Germany. And it's time to create some fresh spring looks and dig out my jeans and leather jackets.


How do you like my fav new look and what are you thinking about white jeans?


Love to read your comments.









Spring Look

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Hey loves,


it's getting cold outside - How is it already this time of year? I'm in the mood to wear all over black! I really like to style this color through autumn and winter and jip - it matched with the weather. But I think there are enough ways to wear a black look without looking boring.



I'm wearing a black top, a skinny black jeans and a leather jacket from Dr.Denim and jazz up the classy look with black boots with rivets, a hat (which is my favorite fashion revival this year) and sunnies to get a touch of rock n'n' roll coolness. 


I swear by black clothes. I have a lot of black clothes. Black clothes are always the best basics and for me. You can make whatever you want. Make it cool, make it classy, make it simple and effortless. 


Like Yohji Yamamoto would say: 

"Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious."





All black

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Hey there,



why does holiday time always go by so quickly? Tomorrow is already the last day and when I'm thinking about home, about work and about autumn... I'm not ready to leave summer and holidays behind me. 


I have really not expected, that Barcelona overpowerd me that much! For me it was the perfect mix of late summer, city trip, culture, sun and beach. What could I want more?



The mediterranean lifestyle inspires me a lot. Spending the day outside, enjoying food, enjoying life (!!!!) 


The atmosphere – especially in the evening – was really nice. So much street music, lovely restaurants in beautiful little alleys. People seem to be happy and satisfied all the time. I'm sad, when I'm thinking about summer evenings in Germany. Because there was no summer at all. It just felt so good to be able to wear a dress even in the evening without getting cold. I can't believe that it's already atumn when we will return home.









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Two Nights in Marrakech

Hey there,


I am writing you from above the clouds in the plane to Barcelona right now, but I hadn’t had the time to write about my overwhelming weekend trip to Marrakech earlier.  


It was such an amazing trip and the time was running by so fast. I was very excited to go there for a blogger trip planned by @crowdinfluencers. To be honest I was not only very excited but also a little nervous, because I had no idea who else would be there and who would be sharing the house with me. Luckily Tim was with me.


Having finally made it to Marrakech after a long flight, we were really exhausted by the hot weather. I was so glad that a nice chauffeur from the hotel picked us up and drove us to the Al Maaden Villa & Spa Resort.


We stayed in a four bedroom villa with Jaqueline, Lots & Iris. So happy having met these amazing girls and it could’t get any better I thought.


On friday we had a welcome drink in one of the villas with all the lovely people crowdinfluencers had invited.


Saturday was stuffed with a nice programm:

After breakfast we went to the beautiful garden Jardin Majorelle of YSL, which was also a really nice location for taking pictures. Afterwards we had a wonderful pool party with buffet and drinks. It was perfect.

After a funny cocktail workshop with Kaya Tea we arrived at the Oasis Festival. All the girls were dressed in a beautiful dress from NA-KD Fashion. The location and the atmosphere were kind of magic.


On Sunday we had to leave already – but not without a bit of sightseeing in the city of Marrakech, a visit to the big market and a coffee on a rooftop café. 


Marrakech – next time you'll have me a few days longer for sure.


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MSDockville with Bench




 Hey there,


This year was my third time at MS Dockville - a stunning alternative festival in the heart of Hamburg. Located between industrial area and the river Elbe.


The festival is decorated with art installations and colorful features all over the place.

After we had a dreamlike festival weekend at the Feel Festival in Berlin with 25 degrees and sunshine I was a bit sad that Hamburg couldn't keep up with Berlin. Unfortunately, the weather was quite bad. I remember just a few hours without rain. 


Whatever. We had a lot of fun anyway and got the chance to listen to great music like Flume, James Vincent McMorrow or Annenmaykantereit. 

On sunday I took over the instagram account of Bench, which was a lot of fun, too :)


Take a look at my festival looks in cooperation with Bench!










MS Dockville

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Feel Festival




Hey there,


summer time is festival time, isn't it? Well, this summer in Germany literally swamped a lot of festivals.

Every year I pick two or three festivals to go to. I think it might be one of the best feelings to listen my favorite kind of music while dancing outdoors and enjoying the sun and cold drinks. 


This year it was my first time at Feel Festival! It is an electronic, indie and pop festival set up around a lake near Berlin. 

It really felt like holidays. Luckily we had sunny weather, we bathed in the lake and danced at the beach. The atmosphere was kind of breathtaking. Seriously, this festival was magical and purely made with love. 


Take a look at my festival looks 














Feel Festival

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Panthère de Cartier - 80's Must-Have is back

 Hey there,


have you already noticed? Cartier launched the new Panthère de Cartier two weeks ago!


Finally this 80s Must-Have piece is back in stores. I will give you some more information about this beautiful timepiece and you will soon know why I fell in love with it.


Panthère De Cartier

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Hej hej Copenhagen




I can't even count the days I have spent in Denmark in the last 24 years. But actually this was only my second time in beautiful Copenhagen! And the Danish capital is definitely one of my favorite cities! I wonder why everybody is so well dressed and looking happy.






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C'est la vie Paris


Paris, you are not a cliche.

Obviously it was my first time in Paris. When I was thinking about Paris, the city of love and lights, I had a picture in my mind from all the films like "Zazie dans le métro" ,  »Midnight in Paris« and »Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie«. And I liked the idea  of attitude towards life so much. And of course my association of paris is about fashion! Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Chloe,Louis Vuitton, Celine,... Paris is the home of so many high fashion designers and still the fashion capital of the world.


I never had such a good feeling to get to know a city. I was overpowered of the beauty of Paris. My imagination of Paris excelled. We booked a little apartment with Airbnb and that was the best decision. I feld so parisian with a key to a apartment in a beautiful street of Paris (Rue de Clear). 


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#Mavimuse - Weltfrauentag


Hey Mädels,


ich wurde zur #MaviMuse gekürt und stelle euch meinen kompletten Frühlings-Look von Mavi vor und wollte euch daran erinnern, dass morgen der 8. März ist und Weltfrauentag. Was hat der Weltfrauentag mit Mode zu tun?


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ONCE swimwear - custom made pieces

I am happy to introduce you to ONCE swimwear  handmade as well as custom made bikinis and swimsuits. 


I was very excited about this collab with ONCE swimwear. Here, I was given the possibility to design my own two pieces. I decided to design a bikini and a swimsuit for myself. 


I have never done something like this before, so it was a little bit difficult for me. But Lisette from ONCE swimwear helped me a lot to get my own two beautiful pieces.


All of the swimwear is made of plain fabric and comes with coloured beads and elasticated lace bands. You can choose the elastic lace band in thin or wide and the colour of the beads and bands in almost every colour you'd wish for.


You have to enter several measurements of your body at ONCE swimwear in order to get not only a piece that is highly individual but also a custom fit for your body size. 


I am so in love with my new pieces, they fit perfectly and you can be sure that no one else will have the same bikini at the pool. :)


Check out the very nice facebook & instagram page and order you own unique customized bathing suit for the upcoming summer.



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Sri Lanka - would love to stay forever

Hey there, this is my last post of our Sri Lanka trip as we are back in Germany. 


You really can't imagine how I feel about this after more than 3 weeks of sun, 30 degrees Celsius, lots of good food and the nicest beaches I have ever seen. But let's find out what we experienced in our last week of Sri Lanka.


After five days staying at our dream location, it was hard to imagine to find something similar, but in fact we did. Ok, not as good as Mirissa, but we found 3 pretty locations for the last week.




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Sri Lanka - you got really me


Hey there, sunny greetings from this truly paradise! 


We are in Mirissa right now, but first of all I want to continue my journey from my last blogpost. We left our resort with a TukTuk again. It took us 2 1/2 hours to go all the way back to Tangalle, close to our first stay. We were aware of that, but we had to take this detour since we wanted to visit the Yala National Park. Did you know that there are two different prices for the same route? :D You have to negotiate a lot here in Sri Lanka like anywhere else in Asia, otherwise you will pay much more.


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Sri Lanka - here I am

Hey there,

sunny greetings from Sri Lanka – one of the most beautiful countries I have been to so far. 


First of all I want to show you our planned route we have already organized in Germany. It is not the common route everybody does. We decided not to go into the middle of the country, we wanted to relax and calm down from the work stress at home and see some beautiful beaches.

We planned this route and booked the accommodations already from home. Last year in Thailand we just booked the flight and booked every hotel right on site, but we made the experience that the best hotels were always overbooked. This time we booked every hotel from home and the route is fixed.

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Fashion Brand: Storm & Marie


Storm & Marie - a never ending love story. 

This danish fashion brand established in Copenhagen 2010 and is one of my favorite brands. Scandinavian fashion styles are the most important inspiration for me. I can't get enough of the simplicity and minimalism and the attention to detail with the high quality of materials. 

pictures: Storm & Marie
pictures: Storm & Marie

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Christmas Looks

Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays wasn't so stressful and even if, that you had a great time with your family and friends anyway.

I don't know what's the perfect outfit for this event, because everybody is celebrating this holiday in a different way. So when I am sitting with my family at home I don't feel comfortable in a dress with high heels. But the days after christmas we often go out for food with the whole family, then it could be more dressy. And I really like to dress up for these days!












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Fashion Brand: Aesthetic Stories


"Clothes that are bubblicous without being superficious" - Aesthetic Stories


May I introduce this awesome label Aesthetic Stories? You have to see the beautiful lookbook!

I love the clear and effortless look of the high-quality designs. Minimalism meets my favorite kind of color, cut and style.



Check out the very nice website and shop:


pictures: Aesthetic Stories
pictures: Aesthetic Stories

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Weekend trip to Amsterdam

I have never been to Amsterdam before, so it was my first time in this beautiful city. My boyfriend made me this trip as a surprise because of our anniversary. <3


We had a tourist guide but I love to discover things by my own. So we walked the whole days without an end. I was so exited about all the cute alleyways, wide canals and bridges with the small boats like a little venedig. Next time we definetely will make a canal boat tour! The weather was cold, but everybody was sitting outside in the cafés and restaurants and I really love the atmosphere of this town. Very charming.



It is easy to find delicious food in Amsterdam. I had one of the best breakfasts in my life, because I'm a fan of the english scones they offer and of corse: Pancakes (!!) 

Furthermore Amsterdam a good city to go shopping. We were in beautiful shops I know from denmark like Samsøe & Samsøe and in a lovely vintage store, where my boyfriend bought four jackets (that's an exception for him).

One beloved fashion label of mine based in Amsterdam is Aesthetic Stories. I had a collaboration with this label but that will be my next post :-) 





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