Weekend trip to Amsterdam

I have never been to Amsterdam before, so it was my first time in this beautiful city. My boyfriend made me this trip as a surprise because of our anniversary. <3


We had a tourist guide but I love to discover things by my own. So we walked the whole days without an end. I was so exited about all the cute alleyways, wide canals and bridges with the small boats like a little venedig. Next time we definetely will make a canal boat tour! The weather was cold, but everybody was sitting outside in the cafés and restaurants and I really love the atmosphere of this town. Very charming.



It is easy to find delicious food in Amsterdam. I had one of the best breakfasts in my life, because I'm a fan of the english scones they offer and of corse: Pancakes (!!) 

Furthermore Amsterdam a good city to go shopping. We were in beautiful shops I know from denmark like Samsøe & Samsøe and in a lovely vintage store, where my boyfriend bought four jackets (that's an exception for him).

One beloved fashion label of mine based in Amsterdam is Aesthetic Stories. I had a collaboration with this label but that will be my next post :-)